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Texas Success Initiative- (TSI) Placement Test/Review Links

What the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Program is:

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) was mandated by the State Legislature effective Fall 2003. It requires testing, remediation and advising of all students who attend a public college or university in Texas. The program assesses a student's basic academic skills in performing effectively in college-level course work.

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The Official Web-Based Study App

This Web-based study app features practice tests in Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, College-Level Math, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Skills. It’s accessible from any Internet-capable computer, and it will help you become familiar with the content and format of the ACCUPLACER test questions.

· “Learn as you go” tests provide you with explanation of the correct or incorrect responses.

· Sample tests are authentic, so you’ll know ahead of time what your experience will be like on test day.

· You can save your work and resume practicing at any time, so you’re in control of your time and schedule.

· You can review your score history to see where you need to refresh your knowledge and where you have strengths.

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